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"John McCarthy continues to be a game changer for small college basketball.  His unique vision, passion, and strategic creation of The Small College Basketball Organization is impressive.  His commitment and overall efforts have absolutely created more value, awareness, visibility, and deserved recognition for all levels --- NCAAII, NCAAIII, NAIA, NCCAA and the USCAA.  There are so many amazing stories that John and his team have been able to capture about outstanding student-athletes, legendary coaches, special teams and programs, etc.  It is obvious why so many people are appreciative of his love for small college basketball and his enthusiasm to grow the organization.  This feeling is absolutely contagious!

At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, we consider it to be an honor and privilege to call John McCarthy our friend and are very grateful for Small College Basketball and his impact on our university and men’s basketball program."

Steve Ridder

Head Men’s Basketball

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


“As a NCAA D3 basketball coach I cannot thank John McCarthy and Small Coach Basketball enough.  His passion and support for basketball at the small college level is unparalleled.  Everything he and SCB do is done first class…from the tournaments to the award shows and on down to the website and social media. So many young people play basketball and put in a lot of hours to play in college, and I truly think it is important for small college hoops to be focused on and represented, because that is where the majority of college basketball players compete.”


Dale Wellman

Head Coach

Nebraska Wesleyan  


“Small College Basketball has done a tremendous job bringing light to some of the best players and teams outside of DI.  John’s work in this area is elite and he has a pulse on our game at all levels.  We have played in their tournament which allows the best of the best from around the country to play against one another and the Small College Basketball platforms keep fans all over the world informed about our game.”  

Bart Lundy

Head Basketball Coach

Queens University of Charlotte


"I am thankful for the hard John McCarthy and Small College Basketball does to promote our programs.  His energy and follow-through is evident in the increased amount of recognition and attention many of our programs have received because of his efforts.   His passion for the game and helping people at all levels makes him one of the most influential people in college basketball”


Matt O’Brien

Head Coach

Southwestern College (KS)


“As a former DII college basketball player, and also a 20-year coaching veteran at the NCAA DII level, I am extremely grateful for John McCarthy’s passion and commitment to Small College Basketball. John’s dedication and service to improving the significance of Small College Basketball has been extraordinary. Small College Basketball does an incredible job of recognizing and  promoting the many deserving former and current players, programs and coaches throughout the country at the NCAA DII, DIII and NAIA levels. In my opinion, John is Mr. Small College Basketball and deserves a ton of credit and recognition for all the work he has done and continues to do help grow and enhance our great game.”


Mike Donnelly

Head Coach

Florida Southern


“Small college basketball has been an unbelievable resource and advocate for the game and our student athletes. It is helping to grow our platform, audience, and does an unbelievable job of celebrating accomplishments of our schools, students, and coaches.”  

TJ Rosene

Head Coach

Emmanuel College (GA)


“Why am I involved with Small College Basketball? It’s an outstanding organization which promotes basketball at the level where so many individuals played and/or coached, including me. Check us out.  I know you will find something you will enjoy reading or watching or attending.  Come join the fun!”


Larry Holley

Retired College Basketball Coach (who happens to be the winningest collegiate coach in the state of Missouri)


“As a head coach at the NCAA II and NAIA levels for 23 years, I have such a great appreciation for the countless hours and all the hard work that John has put into creating a platform and a voice for all the great players, coaches and programs that have been, or are currently, a part of Small College Basketball.  Seeing the passion that John has in telling the many incredible stories of this game’s great history, while also promoting all the incredible accomplishments in the game today to shine a light on Small College Basketball is very inspiring and makes me so proud to coach at this level.  I learn something new about the game of basketball every time I am on the SCB website because of John’s efforts to continue to recognize all that is good in Small College Basketball.  I am very thankful for all that John has done to promote our great game and Small College Basketball!! 


Todd Eisner

Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Winona State University


“Small College Basketball and John McCarthy do a tremendous job of increasing the platform for all of small college hoops. Our levels have countless incredible student-athletes that are gifted both on and off the court. SCB shines on a spotlight on our student-athletes.  If you have the opportunity, I also strongly recommend you make the trip to Kansas City and attend the Small College Basketball National Awards Show. It is a great weekend hosted by SCB and John McCarthy. I attended in 2019 and plan on attending again in the future. Small College Basketball is a passionate advocate for our levels and I encourage you to support it!”


Matt Lewis

Head Men’s Basketball Coach







Harry Statham

Former Head Coach




“Small College Basketball is a wonderful vehicle to bring attention to all of the tremendous stories of success happening in d3, d2 and NAIA basketball. I salute and support Small College Basketball and its founder John McCarthy and I am very thankful for the attention that this platform brings to our world.”


Gerald Holmes
Head Basketball Coach
Bloomfield College


“I am a strong proponent of a small college education and the athletic programs that are associated with these institutions. The principal reason is that for the most part, small colleges tend to be more values-based in their approach to both the educational and athletic areas. I base this judgment on my own experience as an NAIA player and coach over a 14-year period and the experience of four of my five children who played at colleges with less than 5000 enrollment. In addition I am a trustee at small Dallas Christian College in Farmer's Branch, TX for that very reason.

I had a full scholarship to a major university, half for baseball and half for basketball, but elected to go to small Milligan College, Tennessee…..My goal became to be a coach at a small college as a result of my years at Milligan. After five years of public school coaching, I got my opportunity at Earlham College, Indiana, an NAIA school then, and now a D-3 affiliate.

I am proud to be a member of the NAIA Hall of Fame, as well as those of Milligan, Earlham and particularly of the Indiana Basketball HOF. But none of it would have happened if it were not for my experience at the small college level.

I gained my Master’s degree at Indiana University and my advice to students who are not sure-fire NBA prospects at 18 years of age is to get the small college education and then specialize at the major universities for graduate work. The teaching and coaching in a values-based atmosphere will prepare a person well for the mixed messages one receives in the world at large. I believe the foundation at most small college programs proves to be invaluable. And for those who still think that they have a chance to make a living for a time as a player, they will have an opportunity to show that at the small college level, as opposed to being hidden on a major D-1 bench. There are hundreds of small college players earning significant money in leagues around the world, including some who make it to the NBA in fact. I see the small college experience as a total win-win opportunity.”


Del Harris

Former Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers
2014 Coach John Wooden “Keys to Life” Award Winner


“There is no one who does more to spotlight small college basketball than John McCarthy. His passion for basketball at all levels combined with his work ethic and connections make him the foremost authority on basketball regardless of division. John stands for all that is good in our sport, and gives a platform to so many players and coaches that otherwise would go unrecognized.

John is a friend and someone I admire greatly. His wisdom, integrity and zest for life are things we should all strive to emulate. John has my full support in this new venture, he has always had the Midas touch and this will be no different.”


Josh Schertz
Head Basketball Coach
Lincoln Memorial University


"I am so thankful for John McCarthy and Small College Basketball. His friendship and vision are invaluable to the development, recognition and success of basketball at our level.

Our product is great and John gives us a vehicle to honor our past and show our vision for the future.

Winning for everyone is different, but Small College Basketball showcases the great basketball played at our levels, but also the champions of character we have!"


Kelly Wells
Head Basketball Coach
University of Pikeville


“The vision of John McCarthy never ceases to amaze me. With the creation of Small College Basketball in America, he is providing an avenue for the support and promotion of our great game and the capability of honoring many for their contributions throughout the years. I am excited to see what he has in store for the thousands of fans, players and coaches who are participating or have participated at the small college basketball level. Knowing John’s passion, I am sure this will be a very worthy endeavor.”


Steve Knight
Athletics Director & Head Basketball Coach
William Carey University


“Small College Basketball will provide a look into those schools and programs who provide a quality basketball experience in a different philosophical setting. The commitment, hard work and competition is just as intense. The athletes feel the emotion of winning and losing. They get to experience the thrill of success. Small College Basketball will help validate their efforts and make their experience even more rewarding.”


Mark Edwards
Head Basketball Coach
Washington University in St. Louis


“Before Bo Ryan and John Beilein were taking Wisconsin and Michigan to the Final Four they were crafting their teams at the small college level. Before Scottie Pippen was helping the Chicago Bulls to NBA titles he was pushing his Central Arkansas teammates to the NAIA national tournament. These are just a few well known examples of the stories that John McCarthy and Small College Basketball will bring to light. John's passion for the game and his desire to promote the fantastic stories of Small College Basketball is second to none. John and his enthusiasm for the game are infectious!” 


Joe Niland
Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director
University of Mobile


"Small College basketball is a long overdue entity to tell the story of some of the best basketball at this level. I grew up on small college basketball and there is nothing better than the passion and drive at that level."


Corey Westra
Great Plains Athletic Conference


“I am a big fan of Small College Basketball and the work that John McCarthy is doing. From legendary players like Bevo Francis and Travis Grant to exemplary coaches like John McLendon and Dave Holmquist the part that small college basketball has played on the landscape of our athletic history is significant. It is wonderful that this story is being told and I am delighted to support this worthwhile venture.”


John Moore
Head Basketball Coach
Westmont College


“There are countless fascinating stories to be told about the outstanding student-athletes, coaches and programs that make up Small College Basketball. John McCarthy has created a simply wonderful venue to preserve the past and educate about the present, so we can share with the world our passion and all that is positive about college athletics.”


Gregg M. Kaye
Commonwealth Coast Conference


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