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After spending the inaugural two years in Evansville, IN, Small College Basketball has partnered with Missouri Western State University and the St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau to bring the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony and the SCB Division II Classic to St. Joseph, Mo.  


The National Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place on Thursday, October 31, at the Missouri Theatre in St. Joseph, MO.


Additionally, St. Joseph-based Hillyard, steeped in basketball history, serves as the primary sponsor of the event.  As such, the Classic is dubbed the “SCB Division II Classic, Presented by Hillyard.”

Selection Guidelines for the Small College Basketball Hall of Fame

  • The categories are:

    1. Player

    2. Coach

    3. Contributor


  • Each induction class must have a minimum of one inductee from each category.


  • Players must be a minimum of five years removed from their final year of their collegiate career.  Coaches must be a minimum of three years removed from their last season of their coaching career.  There is no related time table for contributors.


  • The Inaugural Class (2016) of inductees had 15 members.  Each subsequent induction class (after the Inaugural Class) will have 8-12 inductees.


  • There will be no specific criteria for induction, yet the primary focus will be on contributions to the game of basketball at the small college level.  Each candidate will be evaluated individually. 


  • All players, coaches and contributors that have not been inducted into the Small College Basketball Hall of Fame will continue to be eligible for annual consideration, as long as they meet the above guidelines.  There is no timetable whereby candidates rotate off/out of consideration.


To nominate candidates for the Hall of Fame, please send detailed bio information about the candidate to scbhof@gmail.com.  


Small College Basketball Announced its 2019 National Hall of Fame Class and 2019 National Hall of Fame Classic, presented by Hillyard, field at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, May 11.


The Small College Basketball (SCB) National Hall of Fame Classic, presented by Hillyard, will return to the St. Joseph (MO) Civic Arena on Friday and Saturday, November 1-2, while the National Hall of Fame will now take place at the Missouri Theatre in St. Joseph on Thursday, October 31.

Below is the Small College Basketball National Hall of Fame Class of 2019 (Bio’s are found at the bottom of this release):


Phog Allen (Central Missouri, Baker, Haskell Indian Nations; deceased; Coach/Contributor)

World B. Free (Guilford; living; Player)

Michael Harper (North Park; living; Player)

Marques Haynes (Langston; deceased; Player/Contributor)

Cleo Hill (Winston-Salem State; deceased; Player)

Larry Humes (Evansville; living; Player)

Vern Mikkelsen (Hamline; deceased; Player)

Danny Miles (Oregon Tech; living; Coach)

Mel Peterson (Wheaton; living; Player)

Bo Ryan (Wisconsin-Platteville; living; Coach)

Ed Smallwood (Evansville; deceased; Player)

John Smith (Winona State; living; Player)


The 2019 National Hall of Fame Class is selected by the distinguished Hall of Fame Committee including: Steve Knight, Don Landry, Mike Lightfoot, Danny Miles, Greg Moore, Jim Nelson, Doug Palm, Roy Pickerill, Gary Pine, Jim Poteet, Butch Raymond, John Rinka, Steve Shepherd, Matt Simms, Gary Stewart and Rick Zvosec.


​Special Advisor, Mark Sills. 


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