2016 Bevo Francis Award Winner

Dominez Burnett, Davenport (Click Here)

2017 Bevo Francis Award Winner

Justin Pitts, NW MO State (Click Here)

2018 Bevo Francis Award Winner

Emanuel Terry, Lincoln Memorial (Click Here)

2019 Bevo Francis Award Winner

Aston Francis, Wheaton (Click Here)

2020 Bevo Francis Award Winner
Kyle Mangas, Indiana Wesleyan (Click Here)

Members of the Bevo Francis Award committee include the following coaches: Tobin Anderson - St. Thomas Aquinas (N.Y.), Gary Stewart - Stevenson (Md.), Chris Briggs - Georgetown (Ky.), Bill Dreikosen - Rocky Mountain (Mont.), Ryan Kane - Ripon (Wisc.), Mark Berokoff – Oklahoma City, Mike Donnelly – Florida Southern, Rhett Soliday – Vanguard (Calif.), Sam Hargraves – Olivet (Mich.), Stacy Hollowell – Loyola (La.), Stephen Brennan – Babson, Richard Westerlund – Great Lakes Christian, Chase Tiechmann – Florida College, Bart Lundy – Queens (N.C.), Aaron Siebenthall – Ottawa (Kan.), Tae Norwood – Humboldt State, Justin Parnell – Oregon Tech, Mark Vanderslice – USC - Aiken and Grant Leep – Seattle Pacific. 


The Clarence “Bevo” Francis Award is presented annually to the player who has had the finest overall season within Small College Basketball. Considerations will be season statistics and individual achievements, awards, personal character and team achievements.  This is an incredibly prestigious award, as this award will only be given to one player within Small College Basketball per season.

Bevo Francis Award Watch List Dates


                January 15, 2022


                       100 Players







                February 15, 2022                                  50 Players




                March 15, 2022                                       25 Players



              April 2, 2022                                         Finalists

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                April 4, 2022                         Bevo Francis Award Winner

                 CLICK HERE


The evaluation process for the Bevo Francis Award is an ongoing process; as such, there is not a nomination form or deadlines.  We will publish Watch Lists of 100 players on January 15, 50 players on February 15, and 25 players on March 15. On April 2, we will release a video of the finalists, and the Bevo Francis Award will be presented in person shortly thereafter on April 4.  The e-mail address to send nominations and detailed information is bevofrancisaward@gmail.com.  To send physical information to Small College Basketball, P.O. Box 60785, Ft. Myers, FL 33906

2022 Bevo Francis Award Winner 

Trevor Hudgins




About Bevo Francis

Bevo Francis played at Rio Grande College (now the University of Rio Grande) in Ohio in 1952-53 and 1953-54.  When he arrived on campus, the school had 38 male students enrolled in the school and was on the verge of bankruptcy, planning to close its doors at the end of the 1952-53 school year.  In the season before Bevo arrived at Rio Grande, the Redmen (now the Red Storm) had gone 4-19. 

During his two seasons at Rio Grande, Bevo became the most popular basketball player in the world, and ultimately helped to save the school from bankruptcy.  During his first year, the Redmen went 39-0, and Bevo scored 1,954 points and averaged 50.1 points per game.  Against Ashland College (KY), Francis scored 116 points, which included 55 points in the final 10 minutes of the game.  

(You can learn more about Bevo Francis through the Bevo Francis page on the Rio Grande website:  http://www.rioredstorm.com/f/Bevo.php).


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