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“Small College Basketball is the best kept sport secret in America. The passion, support and level of play are factors that keep those involved in the experience coming back to games again and again. It is time to tell our story in an exciting and new way. Thanks to you, John McCarthy for taking your love of small college basketball and giving it a home. Keep up the good work.”


Dr. Jim Poteet
Southwest Christian University
Member of the NAIA Hall of Fame


As Executive Director of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association, an organization dedicated to “Leveling the Playing Field for America’s Small Colleges,” I’m thrilled about the formation of Small College Basketball. The majority of sports fans across the country do not realize that small colleges outnumber the NCAA Division I institutions by almost 10 to 1. With television and national media coverage focused on this minority of universities, the opportunities for small colleges are lacking. John McCarthy is the perfect person to lead this charge. As an administrator and tournament director at the small college level, he has been one of the top advocates in the country to promote the vast talents of student athletes at small colleges and put them on a national platform. We look forward to the USCAA’s involvement with this organization and the notoriety it will bring to all of our country’s basketball talent.


Matthew Simms
Executive Director


Given the rich history of basketball within small colleges since Naismith founded the game and the role it has played in birthing several organizations, we applaud John and the vision for the launch of Small College Basketball.


Dan Wood
Executive Director


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