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Effective Shooting Statistic

In doing our research the average collegiate basketball team shoots .510 and gives up .510. Our goals at Oregon Tech were to hold our opponents to .450 which is top 5% nationally. Offensively we want to shoot at .570 which is also top 5 % nationally. During our 2004 National Championship season, we had a 30-9 record and shot .541 on offense and held our opponents to .493, for a plus .48.  Our 2008 National Championship season saw us have an overall record of 31-5 and we shot .545 on offense and held our opponents to .477 effective shooting percentage, a plus .68.  Our 2012 National Championship team shot .557 and defensively held our opponents to .488 for a plus .69 and a 34-4 record. 


One of our goals at Tech was to be very stingy giving up the 3 ball. On the offensive end we averaged close to 22 attempts a game from the 3 during my career. Several times over the past 10 years we have finished near the middle of the conference in defensive field goal % but first in effective shooting defense. We feel the effective shooting statistic is a much better way to evaluate the real shooting efficiency of your team and individuals.

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