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The second annual Hall of Fame Classic took place on Friday, Nov. 4 and Saturday, Nov. 5, 2017 in Evansville, Indiana at the Ford Center. The following teams from the NCAA Division II competed in one of the top collegiate tournaments in the country:


Friday, Nov. 3

Ferris State                  84

St. Thomas Aquinas    79


IUP        61

Findlay  80


Southern Indiana  73

Augustana            77


Kentucky Wesleyan  76

Montevallo                74


Saturday, Nov. 4

Ferris State  86

IUP               82


Findlay                         69

St. Thomas Aquinas    65


Southern Indiana      88

Kentucky Wesleyan  75


Augustana  88

Montevallo  69

Congratulations to the 2017 Small College Basketball

Hall of Fame Classic Team, and Most Valuable Player.

Zach Hankins, Ferris State
Drew Cushingberry, Ferris State
Taren Sullivan, Findlay
Martyce Kimbrough, Findlay
Marcellous Washington, Southern Indiana
John Warren, Augustana
Jordan Spencer, Augustana
Marcus Ausmus, Augustana
Anthony Glover, IUP
Bird Cardwell, Kentucky Wesleyan

Most Valuable Player:  Justin Reyes, St. Thomas Aquinas

For an in-depth look at the 2016 and 2017 Small College Basketball Tournament's scores and record book, please click below.

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